How it Works

Yap can be used by small businesses (such as certain plumbers, electricians, craftsmen, etc) that have little or no formal back-end accounting systems as well as businesses (large and small) that have formal back-end (such as ERP accounting) systems.


Get started

1. Enter your company contact details on the initial sign up page
2. Enter your bank account details on the accounts settings page
3. Upload FICA documents
4. FICA documents are then verified
5. Create more users with different roles such as field reps, admin etc.


Create your Payment Request

1. Enter the amount owed
2. Name of your client
3. Reference number (such as an invoice number
4. Cellphone number and / or email address
5. All other fields such as your company name & address are automatically populated
6. Instant Tax invoice created


Request payment with invoice

1. A QR Code is created for your clients
2. Your client scans and pays with MasterPass, SnapScan, or Zapper or any enabled bank app onsite. Alternatively, clients can pay with cash or card at select retailers
3. Send invoice to client by SMS or email
4. Track invoice status in the dashboard
5. Upload bulk invoice file using the predefined Yap file template
6. Send Bulk payment requests with invoices


Payment received

1. Your client receives payment receipt
2. You’ll receive a notification the moment a payment has been made by your client
3. Yap will automatically update the invoice in your dashboard from SENT to PAID


Single Bulk Settlement

1. Yap will aggregate payments across all payment networks.
2. You’ll receive a single bulk settlement into your bank account 2 days after your clients make payments
3. Download reconciliation report for every settlement


Manage your Payment Requests

1. Track status of payments
2. Download Bulk invoice payments file
3. Cancel payment requests
4. Automated credit notes issued on cancellation of payment requests